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Important Announcement

Thank you for visiting Blue Ridge Yarns!

We've made some important changes to our business, please continue reading!

First, we want to thank our many loyal customers over the years. Our customers are the reason Blue Ridge Yarns has become one of the most successful and well-known independent wholesalers of quality hand-dyed yarns!

However, because of industry-wide trends, we've found that many customers are no longer willing or able to place orders in quantities substantial enough for us to continue operating under a wholesale model.

As such, we are announcing that Blue Ridge Yarns will no longer fulfill wholesale orders, and we will only accept retail orders from this point forward. We apologize to our many customers affected by this transition, but we feel this deicsion will allow us to further improve our products and ultimately create a better experience for the end-users of our yarn.

Where to Buy

Until such time that we're able to launch our own online store, you may phone in orders at 540-937-4707, or you may purchase online through our exclusive distributor, Misty Mountain Farm, at

Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate your continued business. Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail us at


Leanna Ross
Proprietor, Blue Ridge Yarns

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